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and welcome...

I am an artist from the UK, based in the beautiful county of Wiltshire. I completed a foundation course in Art & Design at college before obtaining a Bachelors degree with honours in Fine Art from De Montfort University in 2006.

I used to only work with oils at University, but in recent years I have discovered the amazing range and quality of acrylic paint available, and it works well for the work I want to create now.

My artwork is bold, vibrant and colourful, and has always been this way. My paintings are built up in many layers, and I love connecting with the creative process through the application of paint. It has always brought much joy, as does the use of colour. I was once described as a 'great colourist' by my Art teacher at college, and I like to think he was right! I am currently enjoying experimenting with different techniques to apply and remove paint, and exploring how they can evoke different responses, feelings and emotions.

I am influenced and inspired by many subject matters, but in this last year I wanted to bring the focus back to just colour and form. I wanted to simplify my ambitions as an artist and return to the foundation of my passion which is simply creating beautiful, colourful and vibrant art.

It is interesting to me that much of the paint applied doesn't even end up getting seen by the viewer once complete. Perhaps just a fragment will remain, and I find myself drawn to saving those little fragments and framing them within the painting. I've reflected on this many times, and I think that these layers represents life pretty well. My life is being built up in layers of experience and growth, and whether covered up or still showing through, all of it makes me who I am and helps creates the overall picture. The lesson in this for me, I feel, is to continue to always engage in the moment. This means the process, the application and in the joy of every layer at every stage, even if it ends up being covered up and no-one see's it. The fact is, I know it's there, and it's played an important part.

In essence though, I want my art to light up a room!